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Rechargeable Bulb and Flashlight

Great at times of power cuts or when an emergency flashlight is required these great energy saving bulbs.

They have a built in lithium battery and when inserted in the lighting socket the battery can be charged by turning the integrated switch on the side of the bulb to AC mode. When the red light on bulb turns to green it means that the battery is fully charged.

When the battery is fully charged you will be able to avail of up to six hours of mains free lighting through the bulb which can be particularly useful during power cuts.

You can remove the bulb from lighting socket and extend the handle and use as a flas


hlight for up to six hours.

The bulb itself is a screw in (E27) fitting and uses just 4 Watts of energy when in use. It has a lighting output the equivalent of a standard 60 Watt bulb and comes with a remote control which allows you to turn it on and off and to adjust the lighting intensity of the bulb.

If where you plan using this bulb has a bayonet (clip in) light fittings you can get a bulb fitting adaptor here

How to use the  Rechargeable Bulb

1: To charge plug bulb into lighting socket

2: Turn switch on side of light to AC mode to charge.

3: A red light will appear whilst the battery in bulb is charging when the battery is fully charged the light will turn to green.

4: When light turns to green turn to off mode. Light will still run off mains power when in off mode.

5: If power cut happens turn switch on bulb to DC mode for up to 6 hours of mains free lighting.

6: Light can dimmed by using the remote control which comes with the bulb

7: To use bulb as a flashlight remove from lighting socket and extend the handle on the bulb.

Rechargeable Energy Saving Bulb Features and Technical Specifications

- Input Voltage AC85-265V, 50-60Hz

- Power 4W

- Colour Temperature Warm White 2700K

- Luminous Flux 280Lm

- Base E27

- Lifetime 50,000 hours

- Beam Angle 120 Degrees

- Bulb Dimensions 115mm x 145mm

- Includes built in 2200mA lithium battery

- Comes with remote control to regulate lighting intensity



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