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Camping Lantern 24 LED Warm White Light

This super bright camping lantern can be powered through the integrated wind up handle at the base of the camping lantern or through the double solar cell at the face of the lantern

Designed by Powerplus and also know as the Bear this rugged camping light can also be charged through the included DC 12V Car Charger or the also included 230V AC three pin plug in charger.

Made of heavy-duty durable materials this lantern is a great accessory when traveling especially for camping or hiking trips and is also great to have on hand for emergency use especially when power cuts occur.

The warm bright white light given off from the 24 LED bulbs ensures a cozy and reassuring atmosphere whenever in use.

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Camping Lantern Technical Specifications

Item Parameter Unit
Maximum Brightness 80 LM
Weight 1 KG
LED Lifetime >50,000 Hours
Time Fully Charged by Sun 1`0-12 Hours
Time Fully Charged by AC 4-5 Hours
Time Fully Charged by DC 3-4 Hours
Solar Charging Power 0.72 Watt
Shine Time Fully Charged 4 Hours
Shine Time 1 Minute of Winding 10 Minutes
Shine Time After 1 Hour in the Sun 15 Minutes
Battery 3.6V 1,200 mAh Ni-MH
AC Charger 6V 300 mAh
DC Charger 220-240V



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