LED Lantern



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LED Lantern

This multi-functional LED Latern designed by Powerplus is powered by solar energy, windup or through USB Plugin.

Acts as an emergency mobile phone charger

This 8 LED Lantern not only acts as a light but also includes an FM scan radio and personal alarm and can be used to as an emergency charger for your mobile phone and can even charge up AAA batteries.

Also known as the Powerplus Falcon the LED Lantern is lightweight and compact ans is a great accessory for camping trips, fishing trips or scout outings.

The lighting on the lantern has two modes normal and high brightness.

Includes Radio and Personal Alarm

The high quality radio has integrated speakers with clear sound.

A DC in-out port with Earpiece connection will allow you to listen to the radio without disturbing anyone else.

The USB in /USB out cable allows you to charge the Lantern itself through USB plugin or to charge your mobile phone or other USB rechargable gadgets.

Watch Video on the LED Lantern

LED Lantern Technical Details

Item Parameter Unit
LED brightness 10.000-12.000 MCD
LED Lifetime >50.000 Hours
Battery 3 Pack AAA 1.2 Volt
400 mAh
Led shining time after fully charged (high brightness mode) 4 Hours
Radio time after fully charged 3 Hours
Radio Frequecy 86-109 Hz
1 minute winding provides:LED Shining timeRadio time 63.5 MinutesMinutes
30 Minute sunlight provides:LED shining timeRadio time 74 MinutesMinutes
Charging Time by DC 10 Hours



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