120 Watt Solar Panel



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120 Watt Solar Panel Kit

These all weather 120W solar panels are ideal to provide power for permanent fitting or for large motor homes and boats. By attaching an inverter it will also provide give adjust supply to run power hungry electrical appliances such as desk top computer, printers, fax machines and indeed most 240 Volt electrical appliances.

The 120 Watt Panel includes bypass diodes to minimise the effect of shadows. It delivers maximum power in the smallest module size saving weight and space.

What comes in the 120 Watt Solar Panel Kit

5m cable

cable connector


ring terminals

crocodile clips

Solar Panel Installation Instructions

An 8Ah Charge controller should be used with this kit to protect the battery from being overcharged and to prevent reverse current drain.

The 120W Solar Panel kit is a high efficiency crystalline cell for “all weather” charging. It is water resistant and comes with a 20 year cell warranty and a 10 year module warranty.

120 Watt Solar Panel Kit Product Specifications

Power - 120watts

Peak Output - 7.93A @ 17.2V

Approx. watt-hours/day** - 840

Approx. amp-hours/day** - 55.1

Dimensions - 1483x671x35mm

Weight - 11.5kg

* An inverter is required power or charge 240v appliances – not included
** Based on 7 hours of average daily peak sunlight hours

Even you don't quite need the power of a 120W panel check out some other options

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10 Watt - 2 Day Caravan Lighting, Power tool charging, electric fence power

18 Watt - 4 Day Caravan Lighting, limited TV use, mobile and digi camera charging

28 Watt - 7 Day Caravan Lighting, lap top computers

43 Watt - 14 Day Caravan Lighting, extended TV use, pond pump power

60 Watt -Caravan lighting for long term touring, TV, extended lap top use, alarm systems, slow cookers

80 Watt - Large Caravan use, medium sized boats, motor homes. Extended TV, game consoles, DVD players, sky boxes

If your power requirements are greater than the 120 Watt Kit check out the

150 Watt - Home office power, greenhouse heaters, electric garden machinery



Power Inverter



Charge Controller

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