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Logsaver (Set of Two)

The Logsaver is a new British designed product which can help reduce your fuel costs by up to 33%.

If you want to make the most of the nuisance junk-mail which is pushed through you door on a daily basis (even if you got a no junk mail sign) then this paper log maker will help you to benefit from these unwanted flyers, brochures and ad filled  free-sheet newspapers and directories.

The logsaver allows you to create quick and simple carbon neutral paper logs which have a burn time of up to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

How to use the Logsaver Logsaver-Create-Paper-Logs

To create large paper eco logs simply fold paper as tight as you can.

When large enough place tightly into the logsaver.

Place in fireplace or stove and watch it slowly burn.

For smaller fireplaces it might be best to create smaller paper briquettes. This can be done by tearing the paper in two before creating the logs.

Whether it is junk-mail old directories or sensitive paperwork which you no longer need the logsaver can help you create free heat without burning you pocket.

The logsaver can be reused again and again. When removing from the fireplace or stove after use always use a tongs or heavy duty gloves. Always allow to cool before creating a new log.

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