Water Butt Kit


Replaced by 200 Litre Water Butt

Water Butt Kit

This 190 Litre Water Butt Kit is a great to collect rainwater from your roof and use it for watering your garden plants.


Replaced by 200 Litre Water Butt


We certainly get plenty of rain water in Ireland so why not try to turn a negative into a positive and start making good use of it?

On rain free, summer-time days, it is estimated that outdoor usage (gardening) can account for over 50% of the overall water used in Ireland. We don't really need to use tap water for the garden! A water butt is a great way to counter this issue. Whats more your acid loving plants prefer rainwater to the hard water that comes from the tap.
With water metering imminent this is a great long-term investment.

Product Features of the Water Butt Kit:

  • Water butt body is made of a strong and durable recycled material (950mm height x 650mm in diameter)
  • Includes a child safe locking lid
  • Takes up to 190 Litres of water
  • Water butt Kit also includes
  • A stand for the body (280mm in height)
  • Tap at the base of the body for filling your watering can.
  • Standard Rain Divertor kit suitable for round downpipes (65mm in diameter) and also square downpipes (68mm in diameter)
  • 10 Year Manufacturers Guarantee

View a Step by Step Guide on How to Install a Water Butt Kit

If your Downpipes are not as outlined above you may need to get Multi-Fit Downpipe Divertor Kit

Other Sizes

200 Litres Kit available here.

If you got any questions please call us on 01 8428187 or email sales@purchase.ie

Purchase.ie Customer Reviews 190 Litre Water But


Mark Johnston says:


I recently purchased 2 x 190L water butts from Purchase.ie. They are of a good, sturdy construction and were very easy to fit. I used them for collecting rainwater from a stable roof and use the water for cleaning out of stables and also for drinking water for my ponies.


Mick Loughrey says:


I purchased a 190 litre barrel a couple of years ago. Plants prefer chemical free water and grow really well when they get it. Great value compared to other web sites and didn’t cost the earth to have delivered. Keep up the good work.


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