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Hygrometer - Measure for Dampness

Dampness is a major problem in many Irish homes and buildings in general much of which is down to the climate.

The hygrometer from Pingi is a handy tool to help you test the humidity level in your home and check to see if dampness might be an issue.

The Pingi Hygrometer can be wall-mounted with a screw or placed on the included stand. Place the hygrometer in problem areas to monitor constantly or do spot checks in different rooms every now and then by placing the hygrometer in the room and leaving it for 2 to 3 minutes to get a proper reading.

How will the Pingi Hygrometer tell you if the room is damp?

If the reading is within the pink area on the face of the hygrometer it means that the relative humidity area within that area is good and you got no great need to worry.

If its not within the comfort zone it might be time to invest in the Pingi Dehumidifiers. The hygrometers are also great for telling you how effective the dehumidifiers are working in countering dampness.

The Pingi Hygrometer requires no batteries or power. Simply take it out of its box and start checking for dampness.

Purchase.ie Customer Reviews Hygrometer

Declan Corcoran says:

I purchase the Pingi Dehumidifier & Hygrometer. The products work well a year later. The service was very good and I am really happy to see an Irish company deliverying a high quality service.

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