600W Far Infrared Panel


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600W Far Infrared Panel 

Great energy efficient far infrared panels designed to replace your existing central heating system or to be used to work in conjunction with it.

The 600W panel is suitable from to heat an area of between 7 and 12 Square meters and offers an in between option on our very popular 360W and 720W Far Infrared Panels

Far Infrared panels provide almost instant heat within a room when switched on and is a 100% natural and safe heating system which can reduce your heating costs by up to 70%. It uses  Carbon Crystal Infrared technology so up to 95% of the power is directly converted into heat radiation.

Far infrared panels integrate seamlessly into a rooms interior and make no noise so exist anonymously.

Far Infrared heating is believed to be beneficial in many types of health treatments. It avoids dehydration in air hence no dust or bacteria swirling in room which helps increase in the blood circulation. Great for allergy suffers

Simply plug in to operate and control time by using in conjunction with a smart pluga plug in timer or control time and temperature by using in control with a plug in thermostat 

600W Far Infrared Panel Specifications

Working Voltage 220-240 Volts 50Hz
Watts 600W
Size 1005 (H) x 595(W) x 22 (D) mm
Front Surface Temperature 90-130
Heating Element Far Infrared Carbon Crystal
Surface White PET
Protection Overheat protection device
Frame Aluminium frames (white)
Energy Transger Ratio 98%
Mounting Wall mounted/ceiling mounted
Cable 1.9m BS power plug cable with VDE certificate
Package Individual PP Bag/ Inner Box / Protection foam







Far Infrared Heating Panel 750W

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Far Infrared Heating Panel 360W

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