Dealing with Water Shortage

Saving water during Heatwave 

Many people in Ireland might be surprised that a bit of fine weather might lead to water shortage issues here given the amount of rain we get.

However things like hosepipe bans happen almost every year in our nearest neighbours countries (The UK)

If water shortages leads to consistent better weather in the summer months in the years ahead I’m sure most of us would be prepared to make a few sacrifices anyway!

Other than getting the dog to lick your dishes clean instead of using the dishwasher here is few more water saving tips we can all  easily implement in our homes to help alleviate the shortage.


1: Collect the cold water that runs from tap whilst you are waiting for hot water to flow through. It it takes one minute before hot water flows you could be collecting up to 10 litres which could be put to other use like cooking or watering plants.


2: When brushing teeth don’t let tap run. If it takes 2 minutes to brush teeth you could have wasted 20 litres by letting the tap run during this period.


3: About 30 percent of water used per day in your home is flushed down the toilet. Fill a plastic bottle of water and insert in cistern this way less water will flush down the toilet each time. To take to another extreme ” If it is yellow let it mellow, If it is brown flush it down”


4: Always keep a bottle of cold tap water for drinking in the fridge instead of running tap for colder water to flow through before drinking.

5: Only switch on dishwasher and washing machine when you have full loads. A dishwasher can use up to 25 litres per cycle and a washing machine 50 litres per cycle.

6:Install a water saving showerhead or a shower flow regulator and save anything up to 14 litres of water per minute when showering.

7: Reduce the water output from your taps without compromising the water pressure with Aerator tap regulators.

8: Connect Water Butts to the down pipes of your home to collect rainwater. On top of conserving your plants prefer rainwater to tap water in any case.

9: Install a tap lock on outdoor taps to prevent unauthorised use of your water supply.

10: If there is a long draw between immersion and sink Install an instant electric hot water tap.  As well as saving water it will also help you to significantly reduce your energy bill as you will be able to use only the hot water you require instead of heating a 50 litre water tank when you just want to wash a few dishes. provide the most comprehensive range of water saving products in Ireland. To avail of a 10% discount on any of our water saving products or any product we sell use the code Heatwave2018 at checkout when you order from us online. Alternatively call us on 066 71 36 486 and quote the code and we can process your discounted order for you over the phone.

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