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We are 9 years in business this month and never paid too much attention to Google Reviews before it came to our attention a few weeks back that we had received our first ever one. Unfortunately it proved to be less than flattering to say the least even though we have never had any dealing with the person in question.

We replied asking for more information and when we heard nothing back we tried reporting the matter to Google which is an ordeal to say the very least.

After flagging it several times and submitting report to google we tried tweeting them several times and go no response.

Through the my business section of google we eventually got chat support and then a phone call. I explained that we have never had dealing with a person of this name and that we had replied over a week ago looking for further clarity on what the issue was but got no reply. I fully expect the person on the other end of the phone to say fair enough we will delete it.

But no the Google rep who incidentally told me he was based in New Delhi in India seemed very confident that he had a very good understanding of what it is like to deal with  arguably the largest online store in The Spa Village (just outside Tralee)

He repeatedly insisted  “this is an experience a customer of yours had it cannot be deleted”.

I asked the rep to provide evidence that this person was in fact a customer but they were not able to do this.

I then asked for contact information for the person that left the review and the rep refused to provide this.

So that is google reviews for you….

If you have had dealing with us we would greatly appreciate if you took a minute to let google know of your experiences be they negative or positive.

Please click here to have your say on Google Reviews about

Just make sure they are real!

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  1. Great Company to deal with. Placed an order for four items and were delivered the following day.
    Thank you once again for prompt delivery.

  2. Bought a hot Tap delighted with it
    The courier was another story
    But Colm kept on top of it once i brought it to hes Attention
    Thanks Colm for your Help
    Regards Carmel Tobin

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