Shower Head Flow Regulator



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Shower Head Flow Regulator

A Shower Head Flow Regulator can allow you to reduce the amount of water you use in the shower without replacing your old shower head.

When fitted you can not only achieve water conservation you can also reduce your energy bill as less water will be needed to be heated before or during showering.

Check out this product if you would prefer a Water Saving Flow Restrictor with an adjustable water flow.

Easy to install the Shower Head Flow Regulator provides you with a comfortable showeringhow-to-fit-shower-flow-regulator experience at a sensible water flow rate.

The flow regulator is compatible to be fitted on all common bath and shower tap sets (1/2 Inch Connection) and are extremely durable and practically maintenance free. (1/2 Inch Male Thread)

Shower Head Flow Restrictor Features and Product Specifications 

  • Ideal for buildings with unstable/different pressure ratios
  • Constant flow shower comfort, regardless of the water pressure
  • Rotary joint swivel connector > Easy installation*
  • Polished and chromed brass, 1 year guarantee
  • Product weight: 67 grams
  • Thread: 1/2"
  • Manufactured in Germany
*- Flow regulator should be installed between the faucet and the shower hose or betweenwhat-a-shower-flow-regulator-looks-like-fitted the hose and the manual shower head!

When fitted the Shower Head Regulator will reduce the flow of water from your shower to just 6.2 litres per minute (based on a bar pressure of 3) and could save up to 60% of the water used prior to fitting.

The Shower Head flow regulator are not compatible to be used in conjunction with a shower head which already has a water saving function and is not suitable to be on electric or multi-jet showers.

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Adjustable Shower Flow Restrictor




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  1. Hi. Does it matter which way the water flows through the flow regulator? I’m only asking because I have a ‘mira’ fixed shower head which has a male connection on the head which screws into a female connection on the fixed wall arm.

    Thanks, Keith.

    1. Hi Keith,
      The flow regulators are not suitable to use on electric showers. To the best of my knowledge you can only really be use them with normal hose showerheads as they fit between the hose and the faucet.