Christmas Gift Ideas Under 50 Euro

Christmas Gift Ideas Less Than 50 Euro christmas-presents-under-50-euro


Below we look at some of the top practical gift ideas for Christmas all off which will set you back less that 50 Euro.

For reducing energy bills to conserving water we have listed our top 10 for this year below.



Garden-Tap-LockOutdoor Tap Lock: One of our most popular products this year with water charges constantly in the news this clever tap locking device from Spinsecure requires no padlock whatsoever which tend to rust up and seize when subjected to the outdoor elements. Will effectively secure your water supply against theft or vandalism. Price €28.95


Solar-Outdoor-Sensor-LightSolar Sensor Outdoor Light: Will provide lighting for up to 12 hours per day this sensor light has a dim lighting phase which is constantly on after dark and a bright light phase for when people passes by. No mains connection or batteries ever required just mount this light up and you will never have any additional running costs. Price €29.95


moisture-meter-for-fire-woodFirewood Moisture Meter: If timber that you burn has a moisture content in excess of 18% it is not suitable for burning as most of the energy used goes towards burning the water vapour rather than heating your home. This very popular product can give you an accurate reading on the wood moisture content. Price €29.95


foldable-pocket-solar-chargerFoldable Pocket Solar Charger: Neatly designed the USB power output adaptor is connected to the underside of a powerful double solar panel. Great product to top up batteries on smartphone. Price €34.95


solar-car-battery-chargerSolar Fold Up Motor Battery Charger: Help to provide a constant trickle on energy to your motor battery to ensure that it does not go dead when you need it most. Great gift for people that may need to leave a car at an airport for an extended period or those that are parking up their campervan for the winter months. Price €34.95


Infrared Stove Thermometer: Allows you to test the temperature of your stove from the comfort of your armchair. If its burning too hot it will add to your energy bills and if it is not hot enough it can lead to tar build up which can damage your stove. It is important to try to keep it at an optimal temperature. Price €44.95




Radfan: Designed to help circulate the heat created by your central heating radiators around the room and boost the room temperature. Using this award winning product should result in lowering your heating running costs. Price from €49.95


solar-charger-for-iphoneSolar Charger Powerbank Kit: Large solar panel with ultra slim power bank can be used to charge nearly all portable electronic devices including Smartphone, Ipads and iPods Price €49.95


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