How to Use the Solar Battery Charger

Using-a-solar-battery-panel-guideSolar Battery Charger User Guide

When exposed to daylight the solar cell instantly begins to generate a voltage. The Fold-up Solar Panel will work in all daylight conditions and is fully weather resistant.

Positioning your Solar Battery Charger

This will be determined by the cable length from panel to battery. But wherever possible place the panel ideally at 35 to 65 degrees, facing South. The Foldup Solar Panel will still work if positioned behind glass or perspex and even if facing North, although in such circumstances the power delivery will be reduced.

How the Solar Battery Charger Protects against Battery Drain

The Foldup Solar Panel has a built in blocking diode fitted which prevents battery drain during night time. Therefore, the panel can be left attached long term.

NOTE – there is no fuse connected to this system, therefore care must be taken not to pinch, cut or damage the integrity of the supplied cables, as a short circuit may occur.

Performance details of the Solar Battery Charger

The Fold-up Solar Panel will deliver current to a 12V battery. It is rated at 4W, which means in ideal conditions, the panel will generate 4 watts of power per hour. This is a perfect amount of power to prevent a large battery going flat, even in winter.

NOTE – if the intention is to use the panel with a battery lower in capacity than 30Ah then we would recommend either purchasing a charge controller which prevents the battery getting overcharged and therefore damaged by a solar panel, or paying close attention to a battery’s condition and when 95% fully charged detach the panel from the battery.

Connecting the Solar Battery Panelsolar-battery-charger-in-car-installation

Decide whether the connection to the battery will be by an in-car, 12V socket using the cable and mating plug (A) supplied, or direct to a battery’s terminals using the supplied cable and crocodile clips (B). Then connect the selected cable to the battery.

NOTE – if using the in-car 12V plug, make certain that power can be delivered even if, for example, a car’s ignition keys have been removed. If in doubt use the crocodile clips.Open the panel by gently pulling back on the button on the top of the carry handle. This will release the catch holding the two halves together. Open the panel and pull out both support legs at the rear of each panel. Position the panel in the optimum position. In the lower right corner of the Foldup Solar Panel, you will see the word Output. Remove the rubber protection cap (C) to expose a socket. Now take the pin end of the selected cable that is connected to the battery and carefully insert into the Output Socket.

NOTE – although the voltage is relatively low, we would still recommend that the plastic insulation around the pin is handled, rather than the metal pin itself.If the pin has been inserted to the panel correctly and if the other end has been connected to a battery that can receive power, then the Charging Indicator (D) will glow green. This now confirms that the Fold-up Solar Panel is delivering power to the battery.

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