Christmas Gift Ideas 50 Euro Plus

Christmas Gift Ideas Over 50 Euro christmas-gift-ideas-50-euro-and-over


The over 50 Euro category of Christmas gifts is for those that are very special or have been very good to you in the past year.

Below we outline our some recommended Christmas gifts for in the over 50 Euro category.


Electric-Water-Butt-PumpWater Butt Pump: If someone special in your life has invested in water butts for their garden these pumps can make life much more easy. Whilst water butts are great constantly drawing water from it through a water can can be hard work. With this pump the garden hose can be connected to the Water Butt making the process of feeding your plants easier. Price €54.95


Solar-Garden-Post-LightSolar Garden Post Light: High quality solar post light which projects a light 20 times the equivalent of a standard solar light and will comfortably illuminate an area of 7m in diameter. Made from a high quality stainless steel designed to withstand the winter elements. Price €59.95


Shower Smart Meter: A recent addition to the range this shower smart meter fits on the faucet of shower and gives a reading on the amount of water you are consuming whilst showering and the amount it is adding to your energy bill. Nice on screen polar bear on ice feature. The longer you shower the more ice melts under the bear. Price €64.95


Smoke Pencil Kit: Used to identify where heat loss is occurring in a room and allows you to easily identify areas which require insulation so that you can save energy. Operates on a harmless Glycerine, Glycol and water vapour making it the safest product for identifying draughts on the market. Price €74.95




Smartfan Heat Powered Stove Fan: Spreads the heat created by your stove directly into the room as opposed to heating your ceiling meaning your room will heat up faster and you will save money on your fuel costs. Has no running costs and comes in four different models suitable for wood burning, gas and soapstoves. Price From €109.95


Eco-Panel-Heating-200W-400WEco Panel Heater: Slimline panel heaters with very low running costs (about 8 cent per hour in full heating mode). Great to take the chill out of a room. One panel will be sufficient in a room up to 12 Square meters in size. Price €109.95 (4 Units only€389.95 for limited period)




Instant Electric Hot Water Tap: The tap has a built in element which will provide you with hot water up to 60 degrees celcius within 5 seconds of turning it on. Perfect if you have a long draw from immersion to kitchen sink. One of the most popular products in our range in 2014. Price €197.95

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