Eco Economiser Sheep Wool Cylinder Jacket

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Eco Economiser Sheep Wool Cylinder Jacket

The Eco-Economiser is designed to be fitted on domestic hot water tanks in an effort to minimise heat loss and save you money.

Made from pure sheep wool the Irish designed Eco Economiser will also prevent glass fibre particles from settling on your clothes, sheets and towels and causing harm.

The Eco Economiser comprises of four natural cotton panels filled with pure new sheep’s wool, two securing straps and a tie cord.

The panels are pre-fitted with brass eyelets to ease installation and to help ensure a tight fit.

What size cylinder is the Eco Economiser Cylinder Jacket?

The Eco Economiser measures 36" x 18" (90mm x 450mm) and is suitable for a standard  35 Gallon (160 Litre) water tank.

How to Install the Eco-Economiser Cylinder Jacket

1: Place the panels vertically around the tank positioning the eyelets to the top so as the connecting pipework passes through the gaps between them.

2: Thread the supplied cord through the eyelets and tie off so that the panels fully cover the top of the cylinder.

3: Use the two straps to secure the panels in the final position. Do not over tighten as the panels insulate more effectively if they are not compressed.



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