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Solar and Wind Up Radio

Designed by Powerplus this multi-purpose radio is powered either through daylight, by cranking, or through USB.

Also known as the Panther this is not only a radio! In fact it does five different things.

1: Its a radio that operates without the need of  electric power. It charges through a solar panel on the radio or through winding it up. When a computer or a laptop is close by however it can also be fully charged through the integrated USB port.

2: The Panther has got an integrated flashlight so you can see what you are listening to after dark!

3: The Solar and Wind Up radio can also act as a power bank for charging your mobile phone as it include DC port.

4: If your on a hiking or camping trip and you get detached from the group rest assured. The panther includes a personal alarm so you can signal where you are. Particularly handy if you got a sore throat!

5: It includes 3 AAA rechargable batteries and it can be used to charge any other rechargeable batteries as well.

Small and compact in size all functions are of an excellent quality with this eco radio and you can even plug in headphones to it so that you don't disturb others while listening to the radio.

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Technical Details on the Solar and Wind-Up Radio

Item Parameter Unit
LED brightness >14.000 MCD
LED lifetime >30.000 Hours
Battery 3 Pcs AAA 1.2 Volt
400 mAh
LED shining time after fully charged 4 hours
Radio Frequency FM 86-109 Hz
Charging time by USB 3 Hours
1 minute rotating providesLED shining timeRadio Time 1212 MinutesMinutes
30 minutes sunlight provides

  • LED shining time
  • Radio time
33 MinutesMinutes Solar Radio Customer Review

Mari says:

"I bought the Solar Radio which was very good value. Delivery was hassle-free and prompt. I just wish the radio had a way to hold the stations – preset buttons – as I have to scan each time I turn it on. But that is just a quibble about the radio – the experience was perfect".

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