Optimal Sheep Wool Insulation


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Optimal Sheep Wool Insulation

Optimal sheep wool is suitable for a wide use of applications, including internal & external walls, ceiling & rafter level applications and floors. Ideal for vertical or slopping applications but can also be used horizontally if required.

It is often used to insult converted camper vans (50mm) and could even be a good way to insulate beehives (75mm)

For attic ceiling insulation see Comfort Sheep Wool Insulation

For thicker wall insulation see Premium Sheep Wool Insulation

100% Pure Wool with full Ionic Protect, Optimal insulation rolls are available in 50mm and 75mm pre-cut to 380mm and 570mm wide. A pack of 50mm will cover 10.26m2 and a pack of 75mm will cover 6.84m2.

Optimal insulation rolls have a smoother inner side due to an added ‘felt backing’ this makes install easier and faster.

See Optimal Sheep Wool Insulation Demomstration Video

Optimal Sheep Wool Features and Benefits

Optimal sheep wool is a highly effective insulation roll with a superior thermal performance over almost all natural and man-made fibre insulation products.

Optimal sheep wool is a safe material, not only to handle and install but to have within your home.

Sheep Wool Insulation products have unrivalled environmental credentials when compared to other insulation products. As Sheep wool is a naturally occurring fibre it is sustainable and renewable source of raw material and zero global warming impact.





Sheep Wool Premium Insulation

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Sheep Wool Insulation Rolls

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