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Plug In Electronic Thermostat & Timer

This plug in digital display thermostat is ideal for controlling the temperature on any fan, radiant, convector or oil filled heaters.

Made by Timeguard this new TRT05 model as a 24 hour time control feature built in and has 3 programmable time periods and 4 operating modes (On, Off, Timed and Automatic)

The plug in thermostat and timer can control a temperature range of between 0°C and 35°C.

Features of Plug-In Thermostat

- This is a plug in device and thus requires no wiring.

- 3 On / 3 Off easy to set programmable time periods during 24 hours. Meaning that you could set the heater to come on for an hour in the morning, during the afternoon and at night every day.

- 1000 hour integral battery power reserve means that the programmes you set can be retained if the timer is removed from the socket.

- Built in large LCD screen

- Integral temperature sensor with 0 degree celcius to 35 degree celcius temperature range.

- Reset button restores to factory set default programmes

- Suitable only for indoor use

- 13(2)A loading rate, 3kW resistive, 400W filament, 2A inductive.

- Comes with a 3 year manufacturers guarantee.

Plug In Electronic Thermostat  Timer Specifications

Output Load Capability Filament 400W, 3kW resistive load, 2A inductive
Operating Temperature 0°C to +40°C
Set Temperature 0°C to 35°C
Operating Voltage 220 – 240V AC 50Hz
Battery 1000 Hours (Approx)
EC Directives Conforms to Latest Directives
Dimensions (mm) Height 102, Width 58, Depth 80

Using your Plug In Thermostat & Timer Instructions

First Use: If the display is faint or has disappeared then plug the thermostat into a socket for at least 4 hours to charge up the internal battery. Press the RESET button with a pen or similar implement and the display will show its complete range of characters for around 2 seconds then shows "0:0" for a similar time before showing the temperature measured by the internal sensor.

Setting the Control Temperature on Thermostat

Press the MODE button, the default control of 20°C will be shown flashing. The control temperature can now be changed by pressing the SET button. The temperature will advance to 49°C and then revert to 0°C before again advancing. The display will also show ".0" not flashing, this should be ignored as it is only possible to set the control temperature to a whole number. (To avoid possible damage to the controller do not exceed a control temperature of 35°C).

Once the control temperature is set the Plug-In Thermostat can be put into control mode by pressing the MODE button again. At the bottom of the display the words AUTO (indicating in control mode) and ON or OFF will be displayed depending on whether the measured temperature is higher or lower than the control temperature.

Reviewing the Control Temperature on Electronic Thermostat

The control temperature can be reviewed at any time by pressing the MODE button. Once review has been carried out the MODE button can be pressed again to return to the control mode. If this is not done it will happen automatically after 10 seconds.

The Electronic Thermostat can be put into a permanently ON or permanently OFF mode by pressing the MANUAL button until either the ON or OFF symbol appears alone at the bottom of the screen. Further pressing of the MANUAL button will return the Thermostat to the control mode where the AUTO symbol appears along with either the ON or OFF symbol depending on whether the control temperature is above or below the measured temperature.

If the measured temperature exceeds 50°C the display will flash "hh" and if it is below 0°C the display will read "LL".

If you have no response from the buttons Press the RESET button and re-programme.

If no click is heard from the Thermostat when MANUAL button is pressed between ON and OFF try others appliance to ensure mains power supply is present. If present return for replacement.


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