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Plant Flycatcher (Pack of 10)

This chemical free Plant-Flycatcher from Neudorff is an odourless yellow card that is 100% designed to be placed into the plant pot and protect plants against flying insects.

Made from a special shade of yellow material it attracts a range of flying pests including white fly, greenfly, winged aphids, leaf miners and black fungus gnats.

Each pack contains 10 yellow cards  and once a fly attaches itself to the card they cannot escape and cause damage to your plants.

The Plant-Flycatchers retain their ‘stickability’ and will not dry out if placed near a radiator or in sunlight. They will not drip and are not affected when the plant is watered - it still remains protected from attack.

Using Plant Flycatchersneudorff-plant-flycatcher

1: Remove required number of cards from the box and remove protective film from the surface of both sides of the adhesive surface.

2: For smaller plants place the Plant Flycatcher directly into the soil next to the plant to be protected. For taller plants fasten the flycatcher directly to the plant with the twist ties that come in the pack.


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