Wheelbarrow Booster


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Wheel Barrow Booster

The Wheel Barrow Booster allows you to easily triple the capacity of your wheelbarrow through a very simple design.

Ideal for carrying grass cuttings, hedge cutting and light garden waste using the wheelbarrow booster gives you the added benefit of three times less visits to the compost heap with your barrow contents.

The wheelbarrow booster is great substitue for people considering ordering a large bulky wheelbarrow which can be a nightmare to store.

Designed by UK landscape gardener Michael Smith over twenty years ago in a simple effort to make his own life easier the Wheelbarrow Booster featured on the BBC Dragons Den in 2012 after Michael's son Joe decided that the product might have a mass market appeal. In the end the Smiths chose to turn down an investment opportunity from Duncan Bannatyne and Hilary Devey as they felt the Dragons were looking for too much equity.

Using the Wheelbarrow Booster

1: Stretch the elastic skirt around the rim of your wheelbarrow

2: Pull up the heavy duty taurpaulin until the wheelbarrow booster is standing upright

3: Fill the booster until your garden waste is gone.

4: Take to your compost heap (1 trip instead of 3)

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