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Waterdect – Prevent Water Damage

Waterdect is a battery operated product designed to give a sound signal when a leak or flooding occurs.

A handy device for protecting your home and belongings against the threat of water damage and mold the Waterdect is best placed in areas in your home or office which are most susceptible to leaks.

If you are sitting in your living room watching television and your dishwasher begins to leak the waterdect will alert of the problem before any flood damage can be caused.

Perhaps you like taking advantage of night time energy tariff rates and tend to put a clothes wash before going to bed. The waterdect will give you piece of mind that you won't rise in the morning to flood damage.

Where do people generally place the Waterdect?

The waterdect is generally placed near or under the following places

water heater



kitchen appliances (fridge, dishwasher, washing machine)

fish tanks

water filtration systems and softners

Anywhere pipes and hoses are under pressure or at risk of freezing or breaking

How to use the Waterdect

The waterdetect is ready to use right out of the packaging as it comes with a live battery installed. Simply place the product in areas at risk of leaks or floods and the unit will begin to buzz as soon as it comes in contact with water. There is no on/off switch so simply remove the Waterdect from the water to stop the buzz  noise remove the battery, dry the unit and set it away from the leak or flood.

The unit does not have an on/off switch.If  nobody is present when the alarm goes off it will go off continuously for up to 72 hours. (Hopefully the neighbours will be alerted to the problem!)



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