Water Saving Fixed Shower Head


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Water Saving Wall Mounted Showerhead

This great chrome water saving fixed shower head will reduce the water flow of your shower to just 8 litres per minute without compromising the water pressure.

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A elegant modern design this German made product has five adjustable jet spray patterns and is a particularly popular model for hotels, bed and breakfasts, hostels etc.

- Saturating Spray  spray-setting-fixed-water-saving-shower-heads

- Bubbling Spray

- Saturating & Massage Spray

- Massage Spray

- Trickle Spray

The Water Saving Fixed Shower Head fits on a standard 1/2" thread comes with a brass ball joint allowing you to redirect the water flow anywhere within the shower.

If you require a water saving hose shower head visit here

How does this Showerhead save water? fixed-showerhead-water-saving

A standard showerhead will spray approximately 15 litres of water per minute.

This wall mounted showerhead works through an aeration process. A restrictor based within the showerhead so that less water flows through.

Instead of just water coming through the showerhead nozzle you instead get a mix of water and air.

Essentially it is half the water at twice the pressure so it feels like a normal showering experience as the water pressure is not compromised despite the fitting of the restrictor.

Water Saving Showerhead Product Specificationswater-saving-showerhead-hotel

- Product weight: 250 grams

- Shower Head Diameter: 95mm

- Total Shower Head Length: 96mm

- Standard 1/2 Inch Thread Fitting

- Include brass ball joint for adjusting direction of spray

- Five spray patterns.

Fixed Water Saving Showerhead Customer Reviews

Helen says:

Bought the shower head – very pleased with the product and with the service – it arrived next day and emails before buying were answered promptly. I was a bit concerned before buying how to connect it, not being too mechanically minded and assumed I’d have to hire a plumber but I just had to screw off the old one and screw on the new one – easy peasy! I’d definitely recommend purchase.ie. Thank you.See more testimonials and reviews from Purchase.ie customers



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Water Saving Showerhead



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