Adjustable Shower Flow Restrictor



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Adjustable Shower Water Flow Restrictor

These adjustable shower water flow restrictors regulate the amount of water pouring out of the shower while ensuring the pleasure you get out of showering is not compromised.

Reduces energy costs and unnecessary water usage.

This particular model is allows you to adjust the flow rate manually even when showering adjustable-shower-flow-restrictorand saves an estimated 40-60% water.

By turning this adjustable restrictor clockwise you can minimise the water spray to trickle and adjust it by upwards to a stronger water pressure by turning it anti-clockwise.

Check out this product if you would prefer a Water Saving Flow Restrictor with a constant water flow.

Easy to install this German produced product is extremely durable, requires little or no low how-to-attach-adjustable-shower-flow-restrictormaintenance and comes with a 12 month manufacturers guarantee.

It provides total comfort for all types of showers and is compatible with all common bath and shower faucet sets

Thread: 1/2"

Flow regulator should be installed between the faucet and the shower hose or between the hose and the manual shower head!



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