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Electronic Water Descaler

The electronic water descaler from Little Plumber removes limescale and softens hard water. Once installed it will also help to prevent limescale from forming.

Using computerised microchip technology the Little Plumber Electronic Water Descaler is tried and tested for over 10 years.

Two models are available, the LP1 is designed to treat one to four bedroom houses.

The Little Plumber LP2 is designed for larger house (five bedrooms plus)

Features and Benefits of the Electronic Water Descaler 

- Removes existing limescale and prevents new limescale from forming

- Protects and extends the life of your electrical appliances such as kettles.

- Helps to reduce heating bills and energy costs.

- Kinder to your skin and hair when washing

- Only costs about 4 Euro a year to run

- Treats pipes up to 50mm in diameter

- Works on pipes made of any material painted or unpainted (lead, galvanized steel, copper, plastic)

- 12 month no quibble money back guarantee

- 3 year parts guarantee should you encounter any problems

- Designed to work for 15 years

Water Descaler Product Dimensions

LP1 (Suitable for 1 to 3 Bedroom Houses)

72MM (Height) x 104MM (Width) x 31mm (Diameter)

Mains Lead: 2 Meters

Aerial 1 x 1.5m long (jack both ends)

LP2 (Suitable for 5 Bedrooms Plus)

64MM (Height) x 115MM (Width) x 46MM (Diameter)

Mains Lead: 2 Meters

Aerial 2 x 1.5m long (jack both ends)

What Comes in the Water Descaler Kit?

1 x Water Descaler Unit complete with aerial (aerials LP2)

1 x Set of Cable Ties

2 x Wall Plugs

2 x Screws

Installing the Water Descaler Demo Video

Please note the Electronic Water Descaler is not a overnight solution. It takes approximately six weeks to disperse the existing scale in the pipes and reap the full benefits of soft water.

If your home has a vented plumbing system you may need to install two Water Descalers. For Further Information about this and an installation guide go to Installing the Electronic Water Descaler.



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