Water Leak Alarm



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Water Leak Alarm

This Water leak alarm designed by Danish company Felson detects leaks in your piping and secures your home against water wastage.

How the Water Leak Alarm works

The Unit consists of two temperature detectors. One measures the temperature of the water pipe and the other the measures the room temperature. If there are no leaks the temperature will be identical. If there are leaks the respective temperatures will be different and the alarm will sound.
The unit has been tested by Danish Technological Institute who found that the unit works effectively in detecting any leaks of 40ml per minute (1 drop every 2 seconds) or more.

Advantages of the Water Leak Alarm

Helps to conserve water
Offers you piece of mind and will detect the damage before it is too late.
Will help you to minimise your water and energy bills.
Simple to install

What comes in the Water Leak Alarm Package?

  • Alarm Unit
  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • 2 Cable ties for securing to the water pipe

How to Install the Water Leak Alarm

  1. Do not remove the tape on the back of the alarm
  2. Open back of unit and insert supplied batteries.
  3. Thread cable ties through holes and replace cover.
  4. It is important to install the Water Leak Alarm as close as possible to point where pipe enters the property or as close as possible to the Water Meter (if one is fitted).
  5. It is also very important to install the alarm at least 15cm above the floor in a room where the air temperature is maintained at 13 degrees Celsius or higher.
  6. Clean pipe (any copper or iron pipe between 18mm and 1 Inch) where you are going to install unit and if the pipe is painted remove the paint from the area where the water alarm will be installed.
  7. Press the reset button on the base of the alarm. If it beeps then the batteries are installed correctly.
  8. Tighten the cable ties to ensure that the alarm is securely attached to the pipe.

What Happens if the Water Leak Alarm Sounds?

If it is a short beep it simply means the batteries are low and need to be replaced.
If it is a two tone alarm of a 10 second duration then check all over the house (toilets, taps, pressure relief valve etc) for visible leaks.
If you fail in finding any visible leaks wait 48 hours to see if the alarm sounds again and in order to rule out periodic faults.
If it sounds again contact your local plumber.

Important Notice on the Water Alarm

Only suitable for domestic or small office use where there is no water consumption for a 3 hour period every 48 hours.




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