Kettle and Iron Descaler


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Kettle and Iron Descaler

The kettle and iron descaler is made from non-toxic chemicals and will effectively remove limescale deposits on two of your most used electrical appliances.

Descaling your kettle and iron means that the water will heat more efficiently and therefore help to reduce your energy bills.

Descaling these appliances should also generally help to prolong the life-time of the product which is another way of potentially saving money.

The Kettle and Iron Descaler pack comes with 3 easy to use sachet solutions.

How to Use the Kettle and Iron Descaler


1: Fill your kettle half way with water and boil.

2: Unplug and pour contents of one sachet into kettle.

3: Leave to stand for 30 minutes.

4: Rinse thoroughly and remove any residue before reusing.

5: Kettles very heavily scaled may require a repeat application.


1: Mix one sachet of the descaler product with enough hot water to half fill the iron.

2: Pour solution into iron and plug appliance in.

3: Turn on steam on iron and wait for the water to evaporate.

4: Refill iron with fresh water and flush through until all remaining residue is removed.

5: Test iron on an old piece of fabric to ensure it is working efficiently.

Before descaling your kettle or iron ensure with manufacturers guidebook that the product is suitable for this process.



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