Laminar Flow Tap Aerators


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Laminar Flow Tap Aerators

Tap Aerators are designed to limit the flow of water from your tap without reducing the water pressure.

This product has now been replaced by the Aguaflux range of water saving tap aerators

With the impending introduction of water charges and septic tank charges in Ireland tap aerators can help to significantly reduce your spending.

Most taps in your kitchen and bathroom produce up a water flow of about 15 litres per minute (LPM).

These Laminar Flow Aerator with have a water efficient flow rate of 4 LPM and 8 LPM

The 4LPM version is perfect for your bathroom taps and the 8LPM is more suited to kitchen taps.

They feature a non-aerating water and energy efficient multiple stream spray.

The laminar multiple steam spray non-aerating spray widens for efficient rinsing with less water and provides less heat loss and more energy savings than aerated single stream faucet aerators that mix air and water.
These standard style Laminar Flow Tap Aerators are most suitable for public taps and commercial applications. More spray velocity, less water used with great performance. The aerators are brass chrome plated body.

Features and Benefits of Tap Aerators:

  • You will save up to 12 litres of water from your taps per minute
  • Reduce your energy bills as less hot water will be used.
  • Less stress on your septic tank and cost associated with waste water treatment will be reduced where applicable.
  • If you have slow draining sinks that back up water saving aerators will reduce this problem.

Installation of Tap Aerators

  1. Remove the old aerator with a pliers or a wrench. Use cloth to protect the faucet neck from scratching.
  2. Clean off the threads on the faucet neck with a cloth or a brush. You may need to use vinegar to dissolve and remove calcium deposits. The aerator may go inside or outside the faucet neck. It is threaded for both uses. Depending on whether it fits inside or outside the faucet you will use one or two washers.
  3. Tighten by hand. Test and if aerator still leaks use a pliers or wrench and gently tighten.



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