Toilet Tank Bank



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Toilet Tank Bank

The toilet tank bank is designed to be filled with water and inserted into your toilet cistern.

This means that when the toilet is flushed the cistern never empties fully and thus you save water as less water travels back into the cistern after flushing.

Ideal for older cisterns in particular which can have a flush level of between 9 and 12 litres the toilet tank bank is made from non-corrosive materials that resist microbes and fungal growth.

One toilet tank bank can take up to 2 litres of water and it has a air lock fill valve so that no water ever evaporates and thus you never have to refill the bank making it a maintenance free product.

The product also includes a clip for attaching to the side wall of the cistern so that it fits neatly in place and won't float around the cistern and get caught in the toilet mechanisms.

How to Use the Toilet Tank Bank

1: Fill with water and close cap.

2: Open cistern cover.

3: Flush toilet

4: Place your toilet tank bank in position cliping onto the side wall of cistern. Ensure that it won't interfere with the ball cock or order mechanism in the cistern.

5: Replace cistern cover and start to save water.



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  1. I bought a number of these for myself and my family a few months ago. They are very easy to install and if the cistern is a little small for it then all you have to do is half fill it. It doesn’t appear to affect the flush much so I am quite happy with them.