Tap and Showerhead Descaling Kit



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Tap and Showerhead Descaling Kit

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Gently remove the build up of limescale from your taps and showerhead withing scratching with this tap and showerhead descaling kit from Ecozone.

The kit includes a tube of 180ml descaling gel along with a specially designed brush to carry out the descaling process and a sponge to wash away the gel at the end of the process.

The eco friendly gel is designed to cling to surfaces so that it can actively dissolve the limescale. Use it on taps, showerheads, tiles, shower surround and even water drip stains or the surround of kettles or kitchen pans.

How to Use the Tap and Showerhead Descaling Kit

Apply the gel directly to the brush and then apply to the limescale. After a few hours rub the treated area with the sponge provided and then rinse and wash away any remaining gel.

For heavy limescale repeat the process if necessary.

The Ecozone Descaling gel is a Vegan and BUAV approved product.



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