Tanklok Oil Tank Security Lock


This Product is no longer available

Secure your Oil Supply with a Tanklok

The Tanklok is a tailor designed security lock for your oil tank and could potentially save you hundreds of euro this winter.


No longer available.


Check out the Spinsecure Tank Lock here. No padlock required


With home heating oil prices at a record high oil theft is an ever increasing problem.

Invented by Michael Hanly from Co Cork the Tanlok is a heavy duty security device which will give you peace of mind every time you need to pay for that dreaded oil tank fill.

Tanklok - Features and Benefits

- Fits almost any tank cover

- 100% Stainless Steal and Durable of all Weather Conditions

- Fitted in just five minutes

- Comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

- Recommend by leading oil supplier companies.

How to Fit The Tanklok

Fitting your tanklok for the first time should take no more than five minutes. All you need is a drill. Everything else including the drill bit is provided in the Tanklok pack.

1: View tank from above and use marker to place 2 lines opposite each other as indicated above.

2: Ensure there is sufficient access to drill 2 holes for the tanklok shaft where you have marked. Reposition marks if space is restricted. Eg Adjacent walls

3: Now view tank from the side and contine 2 lines down to bottom edge of lid. Place a horizontal mark on side of lid as indicated ensuring that there is sufficient material overlap between the sides of the lid and the access hatch up-stand . Repeat on other side. These are the centre marks for drill hole.

4: Drill through the lid and tank on both sides using the provided 17mm drill bit provided. (Ensure you press the lid in position firmly whilst drilling)

5: Slide Tanklock shaft through holes and complete the assembly as indicated above.

6: Add provided rubber washers if required to allow clamp to be positioned adjacent to the nearest locking hole










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  1. I see that your tanklok is no longer available. Will it be coming back into stock? If not, do you know where I could get one?

    1. Hi Graine,
      We tried to order from supplier about 6 weeks ago and we were told they have no stock and have no immediate intention of getting more produced. We do have a great tank lock from spinsecure. This has the added advantage of not needing a padlock. Padlocks can tend to seize up when exposed to the outdoor elements meaning you might eventually need to break lock to access your oil tank to refill. Check out the new lock at https://purchase.ie/tank-lock