Solar Powered Water Butt Pump


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Solar Powered Water Butt Pump

If you already got your water butt kit then this Solar Pump from Draper is a super accessory to help you get the most out of the rain water you have gathered.

The pump provides sufficient pressure to run a standard nozzle or low pressure sprinker system so you can connect your water butt directly to the hose and use the water gathered to wash your car more convientently, water your plants or clean your paths and patio.

Easy to install this Draper pump has a 65Watt solar panel which can be mains charged or charged from the power of the sun allows for efficient electrical operations without the constraints or installation of a dedicated power line.

Solar Water Butt Pump Features

- Mains rechargeable Li-on battery pack with solar powered top-up

- Extendable three piece aluminium outlet pipe

- 1/2 Inch standard water outlet connection

- Thermal overload protection.

- Adaptable to most style rain barrels  (Including our 200L Water Butt Kit)

Solar Water Butt Pump Specifications

- Rated Voltage 12V DC

- Rated Input 65W

- Max head height 11 Meters

- Max operating depth 3 Meters

- Max pump rate 28.3 litres per minute

- Max water temperature 35 degrees celcius

- Output Diameter 19mm

- Max particle size (suspended) 3mm

- Ingress protection IPX8

- Overall height (including all extension pipes) 1.1M (Approx)



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