Solar Powered Table Light


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Solar Powered Table Light

This solar powered table light from Powerplus is also known as the turtle.

This is versatile product as it doubles up as a great reading light and a moodlight. It comes with 3 different coloured shades with each unit which are easy to change whenever required. Use the clear shade for reading or the green or orange shade for mood setting.

The light is powered with 6 powerful LEDs and is charged by natural daylight or alternatively through USB plug in.

The table light will charge fully with 8 hours of daylight or in just 3 hours through USB plugin

Technical Information on the Solar Powered Table Light

Item Parameter Unit
Maximum Brightness
6 LED 60.000 MCD
Charging and Performance
Full Daylight Charge 8 Hours
Full USB Charge 3 Hours
Light time when fully charged 2 Hours
Lithium rechargeable 1203.6 mAHVolt

 See video file on the Solar Powered Table Light below



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  1. I love this product. I would order it and use it. I like it because it looks classy but it’s great for the environment and doesn’t compromise on appearance.