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Sun jar

The Sunjar is a cute feature for your home or garden. Powered by natural daylight you simply leave the Sun Jar outside or on a window that gathers plenty of light during the daytime.

After dark the Sunjar will illuminate a warm and natural light. Sunjars are available in yellow, blue (also known as the Moon Jar) and pink (also known as the Dusk Jar).

The Sunjar is made from a traditional Mason jar and is a perfect garden light, as a night light for bedrooms, as a table light during summer night barbeques or for camping trips.

Features of the Sun Jar

  • Solar powered and eco friendly - Winner of Eco Friendly Gift of the year in the UK.
  • Completely waterproof.
  • Override switch inside the lid to turn off at night time and conserve battery life.
  • Product includes rechargeable battery and 3 energy efficient LED lamps.
  • 5 hours light from one charge.

See the Sun Jar Work

Read Newspaper Review of Sun Jar Here.

What Customers are saying about the Sun Jar

"Our Sun Jar looks cute in the front porch. The items were personally delivered the day after the order, which was very impressive."
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