Energy Saving Nightlight


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Ecosavers Energy Saving Nightlight

This energy saving nightlight from ecosavers guarantees a soft and friendly light whilst only using 0.18W power consumption.
Considering a standard bulb uses 40W in power the Ecosavers nightlight is over 200 times more efficient.

The nightlight produces a soft and friendly pale green light after dark. Ideal for corridors, staircases, on the landing or for bedrooms. The nightlight particularly suitable for childrens bedrooms as the gentle light acts as a comfort and helps some children feel safer.

How do you use the Ecosavers Nightlight?

To use simply plug into mains socket.

Its as simple as plugging it into a mains socket. The light which utilses new EL (Electroluminescent) light technology is always cool to touch. The automatic light sensor on the nightlight will mean it switches itself on when its getting dark and will automatically switch off at daylight.

Ecosavers Nightlight Product Specifications

Voltage 230V / 50Hz
Power consumption 0.18W



Solar Powered Table Light

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