Solar Paverlights


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Solar Paverlights (Twin Pack)

These Solar Paverlights from the Solar Centre are shaped in the size of a standard paving block and designed to be inserted in the ground and provide a wonderful lighting effect in your driveway after dark.

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Made from robust materials the solar paverlights come as part of a set of two and are designed to withstand the weight of a car.

They will help you create great lighting without adding to your energy bill. Solar-Paverlights-Installed

Made with a non slip surface each paverlight contains 3 White LED bulbs and will run for up to 12 hours per night. (About 6 hours during winter months)

Each paverlight includes 2 solar panels and they are fully waterproof (IP67)

How the Paverlights work?

After installation the Paverlight solar panels charge the internal battery during daylight. After dark the Paverlights will switch on automatically for up to 12 hours before automatically switching off when daylight dawns.

They can also be manually switched off by moving the stopper on the bottom of the lights to the off position.

Dimensions of Solar Paverlights Solar-Paverlight-Size

Top Section 197mm x 97mm x 14mm

Recess Section 174mm x 41mm

How to Install the Solar Paverlights?

1: Ensure to position the solar paverlights in areas which are not shaded and they can receive unobstructed daylight

2: Create a 197mm x 97mm x 55mm space for each light

3: Ensure the switch is turned to the on position before installing

4:Position lights in holes created and wait until daylight fades to see them light up.



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