Pedal Power Generator


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Pedal or Mains Charged Power Generator Power Bank

This pedal power generator allows you to create energy whilst getting a little exercise. This portable power bank can also be charged through the included plug in AC adapter.

To create power you can simply place the power bank on the charger and move the pedals with your feet. When charged remove the generator from the pedal base and use.

Designed by Powerplus and also known as the Cougar this generator has an integrated handle making it easy to carry and a built in super bright 9 LED flashlight.

The generator has a 12V internal battery and an integrated inverter which allows you to Pedal-Powered-Generatorselect a DC output of 3V, 4.5V, 6V, 9V or 12V.

It also includes a USB out port to allow you to charge any USB devices and even an AC inverter 230V / 100W multiplug out port.

A side compartment allows you to easily storage adapter tips for various devices you might want to charge.

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Pedal Power Generator Technical Information

Pedal Power Genetor Output 12 Volt / 900 mAh
Power station input 12 Volt / 900 mAh
Output DC Powerbank 3V, 4.5V, 6V, 9V, 12V
AC Output Powerbank 220V / 100W
Time Fully Charged by AC Adapter 7-8 hours
Time Fully Charged by cycling 60 rot / min 9 hours
Battery Type VRLA (lead acid)
Capacity of Battery 12V 7Ah
Light function 5 of 9 LED’s
Size 337mm x 355mm x 267mm
Weight 4.8kg
Indication of using time fully charged5pcs LED9 pcs LED7W Energy Saving Bulb

15W CD Player

40W 14Inch TV

70W Notebook

85 hours40 hours10 hours

4 hours

1.5 hours

1 hour

Warning: Do not charge powerbank from mains power and use AC-function on powerbank at the same time as this can cause overheating.




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