Solar Garden Post Light



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Solar Garden Post Light

These high quality solar post lights project a light 20 times the equivalent of a standard solar light and will comfortably illuminate an area of 7m in diameter.

Made by Powerplus and known the Giraffe these solar garden post lights are made from Powerplus-Giraffehigh quality stainless steel designed to withstand the winter elements and has an 0.5W ultra bright LED.

It includes an in-built daylight sensor so the light automatic comes on when it gets dark and switches off when brightness arrives.

The integrated 0.9W solarcell charges the battery pack during the daytime when it is bright.

The Solar Garden Post Light is 60cm in height, the light part has a diameter of 15cm and it will work effectively all year round.

Installing the Solar Garden Post Light

1: Find an open area away from the shade which picks up plenty of natural daylight.

2: Insert base of the solar garden post light into ground ensuring that it is firm and well balanced.

3: Wait until darkness and see light emit a strong powerful beam all year round.

Solar Garden Post Light Technical Information

Solar Cell 5V / 0.9W Poly-Chrystal
Ultra Bright White LED 0.5W
IP protection IP44
Stainless Steel 304 Quality
Battery Ni-MH 3.6V battery pack (3 AA Batteries Included)
Height 60cm
Diameter (Of Light) 15cm



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