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Plantwell Watering Device (Set of Two)

This great garden water saving device is designed to be used primarily in hanging baskets and pot plants. Designed to water the roots of plants directly it will assist in giving greater blooms and helps to save water and prevent your feet getting wet when watering hanging baskets as it ensures less water is spilt.

Designed and manufactured in the UK using fully recycable material the Plantwell is designed to be functional yet unobtrusive in hanging baskets or tubs whilst assisting in greater yields.

The two part snap together design makes the PlantWell easy to clean and perfect for multi-season use.

Independent trials show that using the Plantwell correctly can result in water saving of 90% and a 25% increase in flower yield.

How the Plantwell Works

The Plantwell is placed into the pot with the mouth placed upwards. Instead of pouring water into the pot you instead pour it into the mouth of the Plantwell.

The water will circulate slowly through the holes of the Plantwell and get directly to the roots instead of spilling directly through the pot and causing a mess.

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