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Stove and Boiler Glass Cleaner

If you can't stare dreamingly through the glass of your stove and see the blazing fire it will certainly lead to a degree of frustration.

Regular glass cleaning products tend to find it difficult to penetrate the baked on ash and soot that builds up on the glass surface of stove doors. Even your very best elbow grease efforts will often end up as a fruitless exercise.

This specially designed glass cleaner  for stove doors and boiler glass is part of the Smartcare range from Deville.

It comes in a 400ml foam spray can and will effectively assist in the removal of all residues and tough stains on glass on your stove door or any fuel burning application.

How to Clean Stove Glass?

1: Ensure stove is cold. Never attempt to clean glass whilst stove is still hot or warm.

2: Use a dry cloth or old towel to remove any loose dirt or dust from the glass.

3: Shake can of Smartcare Stove Cleaner for at least 1 minute before use.

4: Hold the can upright and about 15-20cm from surface of stove door and spray the foam onto the glass.

5: Leave for about one to two minutes to allow the liquid to penetrate the residues and then wipe the surface with a soft cloth.

Note: Stubborn stains may be more easily removed by combing the spray with a non-scratching dish scourer or a dish squeegee.



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