Garden Water Saving Kit


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Garden Water Saving Kit

This all in one Garden Water Conservation Kit includes a 190L Water Butt kit, a solar powered water pump for the water butt and a water saving hose nozzle to attach to your garden hose.

The 190L Water Butt Kit includes the Water Butt, a stand, a tap and a rain divertor kit to attach to downpipe. See more info by clicking on below image.

image of Water Butt Kit

The Water Butt Solar Pump allows you to easily power wash your car and your paths and patio and get around the garden easily to water you plants with out the need to install an outdoor  power supply line. See more info by clicking on below image.

The water saving hose nozzle comes with 7 spray settings and restricts the amount of water that runs through to just 8 litres per minute without compromising the pressure of the spray. See more info by clicking on below image.

7 spray hose nozzle




Solar Powered Water Butt Pump

Product no longer available


Water saving nozzle



Water Butt Kit

Replaced by 200 Litre Water Butt