Water saving nozzle



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Water saving nozzle

Potentially save thousands of liters of water every year with this heavy duty Deluxe Spray Hose Nozzle with Seven Spray settings.

An unrestricted garden hose can flow at over 35 litres of water per minute. This Deluxe Seven Spray Hose Nozzle is pressure compensated to deliver high velocity spray where needed with a maximum rate of just 10 litres per minute.

It features a durable metal body with a cushioned dial ring and grip for a long life.

The Dial Ring regulates the water flow for additional water savings.

With seven water saving spray settings (Flat, Center, Cone, Full, Mist, Jet and Shower) the Deluxe Seven Spray Hose Nozzle is perfect for watering any kinds newly set sensitive plants to the more durable types.

The stronger spray setting are perfect for power washing your car.

Will require a 3/11 fitting to attach between hose fitting which is available from any decent plumbing store.


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