Curve Solar Motion Light


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Curve Solar Motion Light with in-built Solar Panel 

The Curve Solar Motion Light designed by the Solar Centre is a powerful 50W outdoor solar light with 16 Bulbs.

We no longer sell this product but offer great alternatives here

After dark a gentle glow will emit from the light constantly. When motion is detected the light will shine at full beam for 30 seconds. The beam range on the light is 10 square meters.

The Curve Light is fully waterproof and heatproof and the modern, simple and stylish design is finished with a high quality aluminium finish.

The Curve Solar Motion light has a motion detection range of 6.5 metres and as the solar panel is built into the top of the unit it is simple to install as no cables need to be attached.

Curve Solar Motion Light Features Solar-Curve-Motion-Light

-       Equivalent Light at full beam of 16LED Bulbs

-       Fully Waterproof (IP64)

-       Fully Heatproof

-       Motion detection range of 6.5 meters

-       Solar panel built in to lighting unit so no cables

-       Solar panel life span up to 10 years

-       LED Life Span 50,000 hours

Installing the Curve Solar Motion Light Solarcentre-Curve-Motion-Light-Installed

As the solar panel is integrated into the top of the Curve Solar Motion Light this is one of the easiest solar lights to install because there is no cables and no separate solar panel. Simply find an unshaded location and use a drill and the included screws and rawl plugs to place on location.

 What comes in the Curve Solar Motion Light Box? 

1 Curve Solar Motion Light

2 x Screws

2 x Rawl PlugSolar-Curve-Motion-Light-Packaging

1 x Key Pin

Dimensions of Curve Solar Motion Light

76mm Height

91mm Width

130mm Depth

Weight 0.75kg

How the Curve Solar Motion Light Works?

During daylight the battery in the Curve Light is charged by the sun giving it all the power it needs to run efficiently after dark.

The glow light comes on automatically after dark (about 1/5 of the full beam light). When motion is detected the Curve Solar Light emits light at full beam.

In the morning the Curve light turns itself of and starts to recharge.




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