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Blade Saver

An Irish designed product the blade saver featured on the Dragons Den in March 2014.

It is designed to help resharpen blunt razor blades used for shaving.

The blade saver is a handheld battery operated product made with a leather head which rotates along the blades of any razor whatever the make or model. (Batteries are included in the pack)

Blunt razors that would normally be deposited to landfill sites after a short usage period can have an extended life by simply treating with the blade savers for a few seconds and resharpening the blades.

What kind of saving can you achieve with the Blade Saver? 

On average a standard razor lasts about 6 shaves before one decides to dispose of it. Blade-Saver-Save-Money-On-Shaving

According to the manufactuers the blade saver can extended the lifeline of your razors up to ten times (up to 60 shaves)

It is hard to give an accurate assessment on the type of money one would save with the blade saver per annum as everyone has different shaving habits but lets just assume that one buys mid range refill cartridge blades and each blade works out at 3 euro each.

Then lets assume one shaves 150 times per annum and that they use each blade six times before disposing of it.

This would mean that a person goes through about 25 blades each year which works out at about 75 euro per annum.

Lets now be conservative and assume that the blade saver extends the life time by even 50% of the manufactuers claims. (keeps the blade sharp up to 5 times longer)

Making all the above assumptions 6 razors per annum should be suffice if used in conjunction with the blade saver.

This would save you in the region of €50 every year after the initial outlay to buy the product.

How to Use the Blade Saver? blade-saver-dragons-den

1: Remove excess debris from razor and clean razor with the brush provided in the blade saver pack.

2: Remove any soapy residue with the leather section on the flip side of the brush.

3: Switch on Blade Saver (Push button forward for clockwise and button backwards for anti-clockwise rotation)

4: Apply gentle pressure and move the blade saver across the blades of the razor about 20 times ensuring that the head is rotating in the same direction as the blades.

5: Rinse razor with warm water and you are ready to shave.

Watch Blade Saver Demo Video

Blade Saver Features and Benefits Blade-Saver-Replacement-Kit

- Sharpens blades on shaving razors in seconds ensuring they last up to 10 times longer.

- Suitable to use on any make or model razors.

- Batteries are included in pack.

- Pack also includes spare head, brush and file for maintaining leather head.

- Head should last for 12 months on average.

Head Replacement kits can be ordered here.



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  1. My husband has been using this christmas, said it’s amazing and really makes the blades last.