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Olympic Grate Plate

Many fire grates on the market these days tend to be made from brittle pig iron. Typically they retail at about 25 Euro but will only last for about two years.  (Based on only using your fireplace from October to March).


This is due to the fact that Polish and smokeless coal burn at a very high temparature which tends to be very harsh on fire grates.


As your grate starts to detoriate you will not be reaping the benefits of the fuel you are burning and will instead end up burning more fuel than is necessary.


Kevin Walker who recently appeared on the Dragons Den on RTE has developed the Olympic Grate Saver which not only goes a long towards preserving the life of your fire grate but also prevents small particles of fuel falling through your grate and smouldering into ash resulting in a huge loss of heat.


The Olympic grate saver is a steel plate which is designed and manufactured in Ireland and can be used on open fires, stoves and ranges.

With the grate saver installed on your fire grate it is estimated that you will reduce your fuel bill by up to 20%.

Estimated Saving with Grate Saver Installed

A 40kg bag of coal retails at approximately 20 Euro each in Ireland at present.

A household will burn a ton of coal during the winter months (40kg x 25 bags)

This is a conservative estimate and assumes people only light the fire in the evenings and from the month of October through to month of March.

This will cost about 500 Euro per annum. As the Olympic grate plate can help reduce your fuel bill by anything up to 20% it could save you up to 100 Euro every year based on the above figures.

Grate Saver Design  

Circular Plate - 160mm diameter

Suitable for open fires, stove and ranges.

How to Use the Olympic Grate Plate

1: Insert into the centre point of your fire grate

2: For best results turn over your grate plate once a week.

3: Replace your grate saver about once a year for maximum energy saving and to prolong lifetime of your fire grate.

Grate Saver Customer Reviews

Sean (Donegal) says:

"I am really pleased with the ‘Grate Saver’ I purchased. offered the best price and it was delivered within a couple of days. I have already replaced the grate in my multi-fuel stove twice before (warps within 6 months) so when I replaced the grate again I decided to try the Grate Saver which I had seen on Dragons Den. It simply sits on the grate and protects the center from the high heat which causes the middle to buckle and break. The Grate Saver has protected my grate which would have usually be showing signs of damage at this stage. Since using the Grate Saver my water and radiators have been heating a lot faster than before (not sure the reason for this but I’m not complaining) so I am really happy with this simple and inexpensive solution to my problem".


Tom says:

"My 3rd order for grate saver,I use it in Erin stove as does my daughter and my brother in-law who I include in my order.Sceptical at first but I do sense that it is a fuel saver and definitely protects the grate,will not be without it now but a little downside as I have to replace within a year…maybe the heat from the Cacol coal is a bit much for it especially from big fires during the winter months.Service is excellent from this company and I’m pleased to return again and again".

F McHale says:

".. I ordered was the Grate Saver. My own stove grate had burnt through in a spot and I was having difficulty getting replacement grate. Saw the grate saver on and ordered straight away. Didn’t even know I could get such a simple and effective item until I came across it while browsing the site. I had the product in day or 2. Suits my needs perfectly.
The site is fantastic and the broad range of products that you don’t know you need until you have it and wonder how you did without it."

Helen Doyle says:

"Bought a grate saver, great product, will tell all my family to get one. I light a lot of fires and ended up buying a new grate every year. I can see this also makes the fire last longer. Very nice people to deal with here too. Thanks".


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  1. Cutting overheads has always been my priority ….. making savings with the “grate” ideas others are fortunate to have. I bought a grate saver for my open fire and one for the range in the kitchen. Fuel burns for 2 hours longer in each so long as your aren’t messing about with the poker and raking it up 🙂 I light my open fire every evening about 4pm with a firelighter, few kindling sticks, 4 peat briquettes and only use now a half scuttle of coal – before I was using a full scuttle. Now that is grate.