Fathers Day Gifts 2013

Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2013fathers-day-ireland-2013

With Father’s Day now less than two weeks away we take a humourous look at some of the top gift ideas for this special occasion to suit any price range.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas Less than 10 Euro

Bin-StrapBinstrap – If you have noticed a disgruntled Dad gathering rubbish from around the garden after a windy night or threatening the life of the neighbours dog when he comes within the radius of your wheelie bin this might help ease blood pressure levels.

Powerplus-Showertimer-PlusShower Timer – You probably won’t like the addition of this device to the bathroom but your Dad probably will. Use it as a gesture to signify that you are a reformed character and won’t use all the hot water when showering in the future. For simplicity you could opt for the One Touch Showertimer

Panda-Staple-Free-StaplerPanda Eco Stapler – Ideal for the office Dad that can never find where he put the staples after he last filled up the stapler. With the Panda you don’t need any staples at all.

Dish SqueegeeDish Squeegee – Ideally for the modern domestic Dad with one eye on the impending government introduction of water rates.


fridge-thermometerFridge Thermometer – If the fridge is not operating at the right temperature Dad could be forking out more than he should to the energy suppliers. This little device can help change that.

Moisture-MeterGarden Moisture Meter – If Dad fancies himself as a gardener but has been known to kill one or two plants in his day this might be the gift for him.


showerhead-descalerShower and Tap Descaling Kit – If limescale is a problem at home Dad will be chuffed with one of these instead of constantly grumbling about having to buy new showerheads.

Drumstick Pencils –If Dad likes his music these will certainly give him a giggle on Father’s Day this year.


Eco-Oven-Multi-Surface-CleanerEco Oven Cleaner – If Dad has been neglecting the domestic duties of late this could act as a timely reminder!


Eco-Pet-BowlEco Pet Bowl – For Dad’s who are truly in the dog house of late!


Father’s Day Gift Ideas Less Than 25 Euro

Sunjars-in-gardenSun Jar – If Dad is the light of your life this makes for a colourful Father’s Day Gift Idea. Available in Yellow, Blue or even Pink for the jazzy types.


Freeloader-Pico-Questions-and-answersFreeloader Pico – Great for Dad’s you commonly hear moaning about the mobile  or smartphone battery going dead.


dry-cubes-reduce-tumble-dryer-timeDry Cubes – Next time Dad gives out about using the tumble dryer tell him you are using these Dry Cubes!


Plug-In-Energy-MonitorPlug In Electricity Monitor – Ideal for the Dad that goes into meltdown whenever the energy bill arrives. This can help him better understand which electric appliances are causing the problem.

Solar-or-USB-Charged-Sound-Activation-ClockSolar Sound Activated Alarm Clock – For the Dad that loves his gadget and knowing the time. Warning this might not be suitable for snoring Dads.


Regular-Energy-Saving-BulbsLife Long Energy Saving Bulbs – How many Dads does it take to change a light bulb? None!  He will never have to change these guys once installed. Come in a wide variety of fittings and sizes.

Emergency-Hammer-Seat-Belt-CutterEmergency Hammer – If you love your Dad and simply want to improve how safe he is when driving.


Solar-DesklightDesigner Solar Desklight – Another great gift idea for the office Dad. As well as acting as a Desklight this doubles up as a holder for your phone and is great for storing paper clips through its in-built magnetic strip.

Bike-Light-SetEco Bike Light Kit – Make sure cycling Dad is safe on the road with this Wind-Up LED bike light where the batteries never go dead. Includes both a front and back light.

energy-saving-headlightLED Headlight – Perfect gift for the DIY Dad


Father’s Day Gifts Ideas Less Than 50 Euro

Water-Powered-Shower-RadioWater Powered Shower Radio – Makes a nice gift for the Dad that likes to sing in the shower. Might make for a particularly nice gift if you no longer live at home yourself.

Water-Saving-Kit-SaleWater Saving Kit – If Dad likes saving money hand this gift over with a line about “water rates coming in….” Dad will be very impressed on how insightful you are!

Radiator-Booster-MK3Radiator Booster –Convince him having the heating on is not such a bad thing when you are using this clever device which helps the room heat up faster


Garden-SpotlightSolar Garden Spot Light – With Father’s Day falling in June this can make for a very seasonal gift idea especially for the energy saving conscious type that takes pride in his garden.


Owl Energy Monitor – Dad’s that like to predict what the next energy bill will be will love this. Warning hair dryers, hair straightners and tumbler dryers might go missing once Dad gets his hands on this device.



Ecocamel Water and Energy Saving Showerhead – A double thrill for the money conscious types and will give you scope for a guilt free extra few minutes in the shower.

Solar, Wind-Up or USB Charged Radio – Ideal for the GAA Dad who wants to keep tabs on all the latest summer action whilst doing a bit of Sunday gardening.

Eco Kettle(white)Eco Kettle – Kettles are a huge energy spender in the home and with an Eco Kettle you will always be conscious on how to save when boiling.


solar-battery-chargerSolar 12V Fold Up Battery Charger – If Dad owns a Camper Van or is frequently looking for jump leads he may very well be greatful to receive this kit as a gift.


dry-paper-log-makerDry Paper Logmaker – If your Dad uses one of those “No Junk Mail” signs. He may very well have a rethink should this be the gift you choose for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Less Than 100 Euro

Chop-ClocChop Cloc – New product which works in conjunction with your heating controls to help you save significantly on your heating bills. He probably won’t have heard of this one!

Solar-Powered-Garden-Water-FountainSolar Garden Water Fountain – Will allow Dad to add a water feature to the garden without any long run energy costs.


200L-Water-Butt-Cloudburst-Water-Butt200 Litre Water Butt Kit – No more tripping over the garden hose or destroying the kitchen floor whilst drawing the watering can in and out of the kitchen for refills.

indoor-composterIndoor Composter Kit – Will allow Dad to easily recycle food waste and produce great plant food and great compost.


Camping-TipsKelly Outdoor Kettle Kit – Camping Dad will love this great Irish product which not only allows you to easily boil water when on adventure trips but also to cook a full dinner.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas More Than 100 Euro

Eco-Panel-Heating-230W-460WEco Panel Heaters – Make sure Dad is nice and cosy with these great slimline energy efficient eoc panel heaters.


electric-hot-water-tapInstant Electric Hot Water Tap – Dad may wonder why turn the immersion on when you only need a small amount of hot water? If the budget allows this might just be the right thing for him

If you can’t afford a Father’s Gift Idea this year you can always enter our Father’s Day Competition for a chance a two night family trip to Cloughjordan Eco Village.

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  1. The Eco panel heater would make a brilliant fathers day gift, keep the bills down but keep us all warm and cosy, perfect for the dad who likes to keep bills down even when its freezing 🙂

  2. I think he would love the ECO PANEL HEATER because it would keep the bills down and it would keep him warm in the cold evenings. I also think it is great and I will be looking into purchasing one.

  3. OMG the plug in electricity monitor has to be on the Father’s Day list! My husband will love this.

  4. Garden moisture meter is a great idea for fathers day for gardening dads. with water rates coming in it could save you money as well as saving your plants, if your like me & kill them with kindness, ie with too much watering !

  5. The Showertimer Plus is the ideal gift for Irish fathers, many of whose favourite sport is yelling up the stairs ‘What are you doing in that shower? Get out! And turn off the Immersion RIGHT NOW!’ Ha Ha! The good ol’ immersion!

  6. Water Powered Shower Radio would go so well with the power shower we already have in our home! Our dad would absolutely love this radio and so would the rest of the family to rock out with! 🙂 xx

  7. A good joke book – Dads have the worst sense of humour at times!

    Jokes aside though, the best gift is treating him to a day out as spending time with your dad is the most important thing of all 🙂

  8. The Shower Timer would be great as always a prob with the teens and dad arguing over it…. now the Shower radio might also solve it as he would then be spending more time in the shower so he couldn’t give out anymore!!!

  9. Water Powered Shower Radio this might drown out his singing in the shower lol he loves his music on all the time 🙂

  10. The solar powered water fountain is just the ticket – what garden is complete without a water feature!

  11. Solar powered water fountain. My husband loves to sit out in the garden and loves the sound of running water.

  12. The best Father’s Gift Idea has to be,
    Any one item from Purchase.ie
    Bin strap, shower timer, eco choices galore
    Great for your Dad’s battery is the Freeloader Pico
    Eco warrior’s on a budget look no more
    The Solar 12V Fold Up Battery Charger and camping is no longer a chore
    So Daddy’s go get green before Father’s day
    With purchase.ie’s discount code without further delay

  13. The Dry Paper Logmaker because all the heating in my parents house is from solid fuel burners and this sounds like a very efficient way to recycle paper. My dad is very into recycling and gadgets, so he’d love this!

  14. Best Fathers Day gift by far for my Dad would be the Plug In Electricity Monitor. For two reasons- He does tend to freak out when the bills arrive and they’re high but the other reason would be because I know he secretly has a fascination with it and is so interested to know how it all works!

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