Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Christmas Gift Ideas for Children kids-christmas-gift-ideas-2014

Below is our top 10 gift ideas for Children for Christmas. From getting them up in the morning where they can’t use the excuse the battery when flat to educational model toy sets which will provide them with hours of entertainment we have a full range of great ideas that won’t break the bank.



Solar-or-USB-Charged-Sound-Activation-ClockThe Solar Alarm Clock is a clever sound activated product which requires no replacement batteries to run. Helps to get them up for school meaning unfortunately it might eventually be something they grow to dislike. Price €14.95


The Solar Powered Car Known as the Grasshopper this car will run on daylight through the built in solar panel and can also be charged by winding it up. Easy to built with detailed instructions and illustrations. Price €22.95


Solar-Wind-Turbine-Model-SetThe Solar Wind Turbine Model Set is a clever way to educate younger members of the family on how actually solar energy is created. Truck drivers have been known to use these on the dashboard to fan themselves during the summer months. Price €23.95


Solar-Model-Recycling-KitThe Solar Recycler has all the necessary parts to create a whole range of clever solar toys including robot, boat and car models by using cans, plastic bottles and old CD’s. Price €24.95


Salt-Water-Powered-Toy-CarThe Water Powered Car is a four wheel drive model car set they will have great fun building. It run by attaching the H2O fuel cell and adding a few drops of salted water. Price €24.95


water-powered-motor-bicycleThe Water Powered Motor Cycle  A first cousin of the water powered car and works on the same concept. It has a self balancing design so once built and fueled up it will run in straight line, turn left and right and even perform s-turns. Price €24.95


Powerplus-RabbitThe 14 in 1 Solar Toy Set Bound to provide hours of entertainment for the younger members of the family with a keen interest in building things. This powerplus educational toy has all the parts necessary and instructions to build 14 different toy model kits. Price €24.95


LED-Radio-FlashlightThe Flashlight Radio is the a windup or USB charged product with 3 powerful LED lights and an FM scan radio. It even has a built in glow marking so it can be easily located in the dark. Price €24.95


Solar-Bag-LightThe Baglite is a solar powered light which is ideal for keeping them safe on winter mornings and evenings if walking or cycling to and from school. It straps on backpack and provides lighting on both the front and the back. Price €29.95


The Battery Free Slot Car Racing Kit has a 3.8 meter adjustable track and two illuminated cars which work by hand generated controls. The faster you circulate the control the faster the cars run on the track. Best of all you won’t have worry about Christmas tears when batteries run out. Price €39.95

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