Online Shopping Deadlines Christmas 2014

Christmas Online Shopping Deadlines 2014online-shipping-christmas-deadlines-2013

We are committed to ensuring our customers receive their parcels in the run up to Christmas on time and thankfully since we started trading in 2009 we have not let anybody down yet.

In order to be safe we encourage you to order as early as possible.

Here are some key dates moving forward

Dec 6th 11am – Non European Orders including USA and Australia

Dec 13th 1pm – European Orders under 100 Euro (Not Including Ireland and Great Britain)

Dec 14th – Recommended to order on this day or beforehand to ensure that any items which might be temporarily out of stock are delivered to you in time for Christmas.

Dec 15th – From this day forth we encourage you to ring us in advance to ensure items are in stock and can be delivered to you in time.

Dec 18th 1pm – European Orders over 100 Euro (Not Including Ireland and Great Britain)

Dec 19th 11am – Great Britain (Not Including Northern Ireland)

Dec 21st 1pm – Ireland and Northern Ireland

We encourage all customers to order before December 15th to ensure that any item which might be out of stock can be sourced from our suppliers and delivered to you in time for Christmas.

To entice you further we will give you a discount on any product when you insert the discount code Final2014 at checkout when ordering online or call us for phone orders and quote the code.

We also encourage you to call us 066 71 36486 to double check items are in stock if ordering on or after Dec 15th.

So order early and order often in the run up to the holiday season!

We would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a Bright and Prosperous New Year!

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