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What are you going to do to address rising energy rates?monkey-thinkking-of-ways-to-save-energy

We are giving away some free stuff again to help some of you get over the latest announcement of energy price increases.

All you got to do is comment below on what you are going to do to reduce how fast your energy meter spins around.

To help you prepare here is some useful energy saving tips which even a monkey could understand!

You could win one of these three lovely prizes.

Plugin-Energy-Monitor1: Plug In Energy Meter – Allows you to check out exactly what each individual electrical household product is costing you to run.

Moonlight-Nightlight2: Moonlight Nightlight – A very energy efficient plugin nightlight designed with the same technology NASA use to light up the cockpit

dry-cubes-reduce-tumble-dryer-time3: Dry Cubes – Can reduce tumble drying time by about 30% and recently featured in

Competition closes on Oct 31st and the winners will be announced here on our website on November 1st 2012.



  1. I’m going to have wear more clothes and live in semi-darkness in the house to be able to afford my winter electricity bills

  2. I plan to snuggle up to my hubby on the couch while we watch tv.
    No need to heat the whole house while we are using one room.

  3. We are awful for using the dishwasher needlessly, we’re going to make sure we use it efficiently and limit the number of times we put it on. It wouldn’t harm us to wash our plates once in a while!!

  4. Turn lights off when not using rooms e.g. if we are all upstairs, lights and TV don’t need to be on in the sitting room.
    Don’t leave the heating on timer if you’re in the house – put it on for a while and when the place feels warm enough (use a thermometer if you want) then turn it off again. When we use the timer we often find that the house is getting too warm but we forget to switch it off.
    Don’t overstuff the fridge – get a memo board and note what food needs to be used up so you can reduce fridge waste and also your fridge works more efficiently.

  5. Use the washing machine and dishwasher at night
    Use storage heaters and keep doors closed
    Unplug anything not in use
    No TV until after 8pm

    The list goes on… 😉

  6. Turn down your heating by a few degrees, it will make a difference! Also if you only use one room for most of the evening and have an open fire, get some fuel in for a fire instead of turning on the heat!

  7. I live in rented accomodation and we have decided on a rigorous review of our electricity usage! We have decided to replace the bulbs with energy saving ones, leave the immersion turned off and plug out television, satellite and wifi router during the day. We have also agreed on small things like only boil the required amount of water in the kettle, use the washing machine at nighttime to avail of cheaper rates and switch off lights when they are not needed!

  8. Tumble drying is the greatest energy waste in our household. I hope to use the “solar powered” clothes horse in the conservatory more. Outdoor drying is more of a rare treat but I will try to muster up some crosswind action in the said conservatory

  9. I stopped using the tumble dryer, instead I just wash what I need and make sure it has time to dry naturally instead. I also use sockets with timers on them so that nothing is left plugged in and on standby. I have showers instead of baths and we recently got radiator boosters and window insulators to make the heat last longer.

  10. Put on an extra layer of clothes and turn the heat down or off. Or go to the gym for a while or go for a run/walk and when you come back into the house you will immediately feel too warm and have to turn the heat down as you. Good for improving levels of fitness too!

  11. I am not going to leave my tv or laptop on standby and I am going to invest in some draft excluders before winter sets in

  12. I won’t be leaving TVs, Computers, Microwaves etc. on standby, as they use 20% of the power they would when they are totally switched on!

  13. Just purchased a timber drying shed. Its open slatted sides, no front door and felted roof allows the clothes to dry naturally. Saving money on tumble dryer, time and trouble running out to bring in clothes if raining, space in my home as no clothes horse and all leading to fresh air dried clothes. Happy days, well worth the investment of €236.

  14. I have three sons that love to change their clothes – they put everything into the wash basket even if it has only been worn for an hour ! I have started taking clean clothes out of the wash and putting them back into their wardrobes and have halved my washing mountain !

  15. I’ve been using natural lighting from the sun while it’s still out during the daytime and enjoy my entertainment on the computer instead of the tv. It’s been saving me quite a lot on my energy bills every month that I’m proud to say!! xx

  16. I also have been air drying all my clothes everytime I wash them! No using the dryer for me this year unless its needed!! Saves me money on the spendy coin machines!

  17. iPods, iPads, mobile phones; my kids use them blissfully,
    But these little handheld wonders love to eat electricity.
    So I logged on to to help me reduce consumption,
    And served my kids and all their gadgets, with a charging injunction.
    Now they feed their gadgets for free with a ‘Lizard’ using solar power
    And I have a little ‘OWL’ monitor who tells me how much we still devour!

    True Story 🙂

  18. Lagging jackets make so much sense – its the small things that all add up to energy savings so unplug, lag and wrap up!

  19. I am going to get zoned heating, installed so that I am not heating the whole house , turn down the rads , not use the tumble dryer as much and turn off the lights in rooms that are not being used, plus am getting my 3 children involved that way I will have more success, make it fun, prize type thing!

  20. I will continue to coordinate the ‘Green Schools Committee’ in my school where we educate children about the value of energy saving – influencing future generations and therefore our future!

  21. I airdry clothes as much as I can.
    Close doors and only heat the rooms you use, when you use them.
    Use nightsaver power, when you can.
    Wear a jumper and other warm clothes, instead of overheating the house, or heating when you’re not there.
    Do some free activities outside the house when you can so you’re not sitting at home feeling cold.

  22. I will use the clothes line to dry clothes rather than the tumble dryer-it’s much better for my clothes too!

  23. Exercise more, which takes me out of the house for longer so less heat on, failing that ill just head off to the sun where i wont have the heat in the house on at all!

  24. I think solar energy products are a very effective way to save energy. So I would really lie to invest in some solar operated lights or panels that makes atleast some if not all my electricity saved.

  25. Well bought a treadmill recently, and since starting to use it I feel much warmer (the exercise improves circulation obviously) …so am using it everyday, so won’t turn the heating on much! So fitter & spend less that’s my tip!

  26. I do try and dry clothes outside in our shed instead of using the tumble dryer and when I do need to use it – I use it during late evening. I try not to leave television on stand by – I switch it off when not in use. I unplug phone charger once phone is charged and I switch off sockets when not in use – try not to leave switches left on.

  27. This is the list I made for us to do
    Don’t use a conventional dryer invest in the Eco alternatives.
    Replace all old bulbs with new energy saving ones.
    Reduce the temperature on your washing machine from 40 to 30 and use the quick cycle
    Switch off all appliances, don’t leave them on standby.
    Get solar-powered night lights for the children’s room.
    Investing in even one solar panel for your house could save you a fortune in electricity.
    If you use oil use the timer, lower the thermostat and wear an extra layer in the house. (Use room thermometers to judge the room temp not you)
    Get the cheaper night electricity on your bill and Charge reusable batteries and kids scooters, toothbrushes etc overnight, put your washing machine and dishwasher on in these hours and save.
    Use thicker lined curtains over doors and windows and draught excluders to stop that heat you paid for escaping
    When you boil your kettle pour the hot water into a Thermos jug you will have hot water for a long time, no need to boil again.
    Co-ordinate all activities with the family so you are all on the same page.

  28. I got the immersion serviced and the thermostat turned down last week. We also bought a tree and had it chopped into small logs that fit inside the stove. This winter we will have the glow and heat of a wood burning stove that heats the living room and upstairs – and smells rather nice too!

  29. 1) Upgrade lagging jacket, make sure it fits tightly.
    2) Make sure electrical goods are not left on standby
    3) Check thermostats on rads…bleed rads.
    4) Turn off rads in rooms not used, spare bedroom etc.
    5) Put heat reflectors on back of rads…make your own.
    6) Check draught excluders for wear and tear.
    7) Check immersion timings.
    8) Handwash small amounts of dirty crockery rather than half filled dishwasher.

  30. Here are my five top tips:

    1) Do not use a tumble dryer, if you have one, sell it. They are the heaviest consumers of electricity. Dry your clothes on a line, indoors or out if the weather is good enough

    2) Only wash clothes when really dirty. Use a cool cycle for clothes that are not dirty & always make sure the machine is full.

    3) Unplug all appliances when not in use.

    4) Use LED bulbs in each room.

    5) Do not use an oven to prepare meals, boil instead and try to eat more raw food, cuts down on cooking costs.

  31. I am going to remember to turn the immersion off when it is not needed. Also I am going to get it into everyones head that we do not need 5 lights on in one room at a time.

  32. Try to only do laundry on dry days so as not to use the dryer.
    Turn off TVs etc fully not just with the remote.
    Turn off my computer more often.
    Got the heating boiler serviced and upgrade if neccessary

    We got a solar panel last year and I couldn’t believe the amount of hot water it generates. I would have been a bit sceptical but I don’t think we’ve used the immersion since. A wise investment.

  33. I am going to try and reduce energy usage by keeping doors closed, switching off lights when not in use and also reduced shower times.

  34. I already reduced my energy bills by 25%.
    I turn off everything from stand by if its not in use, alights, tv, radio etc.
    I also recycle everything I can and our home has compost bin. That way I reduced cost of bin collection, as we empty them only once a month in a small 20kg bag.
    I wish companies like Aldi and LIDL make all their packaging recycleable…

  35. I’ll only have light on in the room I’m in at the time. I’ve installed solar lights for the garden, instead of regular ones. I’ve changed bulbs to energy-saving models. I’m lighting a wood stove for heat instead of central heating, and always have a blanket on the sofa to cuddle into when a little chilly.

  36. Invest in a GAS powered tumble dryer..they hardly use any gas at all so you can tumble all you like during the Winter months!

  37. I have cut the cable on the immersion,fitted thermostatic rad valves,installed owl energy monitor,installed water metre under sink and added extra six inches of insulation in the attic now all ready for the minus 10 expected for december.

  38. We switch everything off during the day even when there is someone in the house. there is only about 1 hours that the T.V. and lights are going at the same time, when we are watching T.V. in the evening 90% of the time the lights are off.. We even do the washing machine at night time because of lower power costs. Having a portable Power unit can come in very handy too, which I own.

  39. I try to make sure that our lights are energy saving lights and turn off the lights around the house and only leave on the light in the room we are in. I’m trying to cut down on using the tumble dryer as its so expensive, have to think of some other way to dry the clothes.

  40. I’m going to start boiling the kettle and leaving it in a flask for the day, Only joking that just mean. But me and the tumble dryer are finished!

  41. Wear more clothes! An extra layer (a cuddly jumper!) can seriously delay you turning on the heater for a bit 🙂

  42. l have energy saving bulbs in every room, we got the walls and attic insulated last year and its saving us a fortune, l’m also a firm believer in wearing layers of clothing,

  43. we have turned down the thermostat by 2 degrees and in the rooms we not using turn the radiators down so they keep the rooms just warm, only wash on full loads and reduce the washing temperature by a couple of degrees, we have installed energy saving light bulbs all over the house. we watch tv with no lights on, we do the clothes washing at night and always hang the washing out, only using the tumble dryer if cannot get clothes dry within 2 days, we have put bedside lamps in the bedrooms using low wattage energy saving bulbs and most of all we stop and think before we use any electric, even our children and good and are aware of the fact that we are trying to reduce the amount of electric we use on a daily bases.

  44. Central Heating e.g. Hot Water
    Set the thermostat at 60°C instead of leaving it anywhere between 60°C to 65°C. The temperature needs to be at least 60°C so the heat can kill off harmful bacteria in the water but please note that as this is scalding hot water, it must be mixed with cold water for safe bathing and washing up. This measure can save up to €15 per year.

    Central Heating e.g. Radiators
    Turning the thermostat down by just 1°C cuts as much as 10% off your heating bills. You can also save on running costs by heating your home for an hour less each day.

    Light bulbs
    If you use a particular light for an average of 4 hours or more a day, then replace it with an energy-saving equivalent which will use around a 1/4 of the electricity and last up to 12 times longer. Each energy efficient bulb fitted could give you an estimated saving of €10.50 off your energy bill per year.

    Heat the amount of water you really need and if you’re using an electric kettle, make sure you cover the elements. More modern kettles have no visible element so you use less water, you could also try to fill a cup and use it as a guide to fill the kettle so that you boil the right amount of water.

    At night, pull the curtains to stop heat being lost through the windows. Take care not to drape curtains over radiators as this will funnel heat straight out of the windows.

    Home Entertainment
    Switch off your telly, dvd recorder, computer and hi-fi etc when not in use. Leaving them on standby can waste as much as 10% to 60% of the electricity that would be used by the device if it was switched on.

    When purchasing kitchen appliances such as fridges, freezers, dishwashers and washing machines, choose a more energy efficient appliance. An E.U. energy label should be displayed (A to G Scale) on appliances for sale in order to help you make a choice, “A” being the most efficient and “G” being the worst guzzler for energy.

    Tumble Driers
    Tumble driers are energy guzzlers so try to use washing lines or airers. Don’t put very wet clothing into the dryer, make sure you wring clothing out or spin dry again to help use less energy.

    These are the most hardworking appliances in the home. Avoid putting warm or hot foods in the fridge and let them to cool down first. Don’t leave the fridge or freezer door open, this means the fridge uses more energy to cool itself back down due to the cool air lost opening the door.

    Upgrading your loft and where possible, the cavity insulation will save energy in your home by reducing energy losses through the building fabric.

  45. Stop leaving my computer, tv, etc on standby. Use energy saving lightbulbs. Only use my dishwasher when full. Avoid using tumbledryer if possible.

  46. I use Eco Balls in my tumble dryer. They are very similar to the dry cubes that you advertise. Also unplug all appliances that are not in use & only have lights turned on in rooms that you are using.

  47. Iv started turning off all lights in rooms not being used. Instead of using the tumble dryer i now just hang clothes on clothes horse to air after bringing them in off the washing line. Plug out everything thats not being used. Dont spend as much time in the shower as i use to and recently iv started charging my phone in work to save some bit of my own electricity 🙂

  48. Iv started using hot water bottles at the base of my back when I’m in my office so I don’t have to turn on the heating as early! Works a treat and stays warm for ages!

  49. Take the fuse out of the tumble dryer and the immersion heater.Stick a solar panel on the roof and one of those wind turbine thingees out the back.

  50. Why use towels only once after you’ve showered? They’re not dirty if you’ve showered properly – so use ’em a few times!

  51. I used to cringe when I would see the my bill
    I’d puff and gasp like I had run up a hill

    But simple changes have made life better
    You just have to learn now to be clever

    No need for lights on all the time
    a wink to the hubbie it’s time for a early night
    now my power bill is not such a fright!

    Electric blanket has been banished
    higher costs have now vanished

    Hot water bottle in the bed
    and he’ll soon be snoring off his head!

    My tumble drier now gathers dust
    a washing line is a must!

  52. I’ve been made really aware of my energy consumption over the past couple of months as I only moved into a place that has those dreaded electric heaters. What I do now is I plug out my UPC box and TV when I’m not watching tv. I try to turn off everything rather than having it on standby. I got a timer put on my emersion tank so that it only stays on when I want it on (forgetful head didn’t help that one) I also bought timers for my plug sockets so that the heaters come on and off at various times through the evening rather then leaving them on constantly.

  53. I bought a wind up light for my night light. it is silent and the light is very bright. I also bought small movement triggered lights, that come on when the door opens, for the hall and passageway in my house. They are battery operated (I use rechargable batteries) and stay on for about 3 mins. -enough time to go into the bathroom.
    I also burn wood in my stove. I haven’t bought oil for the last three years because I just can’t afford it but the stove heats at least half of my house. So I am going to investigate getting a solar panel to heat my water. I am also going to investigate getting Infrared Heating Panels. These look like they would suit me very well.
    The best thing am going to do is start a materials bank, where I will get a community materials bank going – people and businesses can dispose of unwanted items like fabric, paint, piping, plastic bottles and the list goes on and on and on, and these items can be reused by others who just want a small bit of fabric, a little or a lot of paint, a short piece of pipe etc for much less than if they bought new. I am so excited about this project, which I am doing through Borrisokane Local Switch.

  54. i use candles in the winter instead of using lights i also wear extra clothes so i dont need to put on the heat i also bought thermal clothing

  55. i turn off all switchs that i am not using. I also put energy saving lights in the house and i never use the dryer saves a ton

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