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Since early January we have been running a competition on to find out what our customers favourite products are. Those that aired their views had an opportunity to win a luxury camping trip in Co Clare with Purecamping.

Over 50 products received votes for visitors to our site during the competition.

The top ten and the percentage of the vote they got is listed below

First Place: Instant Hot Water Tap  8%

Second Place: Eco Kettle 7%

Third Place: Chimney Balloons 6%

Joint Third Place: Radiator Booster 6%

Joint Third Place: Solar Table Light 6%

Sixth Place: Owl Energy Monitor 5%

Joint Sixth Place: Automatic Radiator Bleed Valves 5%

Joint Sixth Place: Showertimer 5%

Joint Sixth Place: Solar Radio 5%

Tenth Place: Kelly Kettle 4%

See what people said about the products.

Find out who won the Purecamping Luxury Camping Trip.


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