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Lumilife Energy Saving Bulbs Questions and Answers

Unsurprisingly we have had loads of enquiries since adding the new Lumilife Life long guaranteed bulbs to our

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website. Below we have answered some of your questions. If you got any further questions please use the comment box below to ask and we will get back to you promptly.

What is the difference between warm white bulbs and cool white bulbs?

For home lighting the majority of customers opt for warm white bulbs. They give off a soft light with a hint of yellow (similar to that of the old incandescent bulbs you are replacing)

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The cool white bulbs are brighter and are sometimes used to give a room a modern look. Cool white bulbs tend to suit room with bold and bright colour schemes or schemes which are predominantly white where a clean minimal look is required.

Sometimes people will use both warm and cool white bulba in the same room controlled by different switches. For example in a kitchen you might want the warm white lights on the ceiling for everyday use but also use cool white bulbs for under unit lighting. This gives off a different effect at night time when the main lights are turned off.

For commercial lighting the majority of people will opt for the cool white bulbs in an effort

GU10 120 Degree Bulbs

to maximise brightness.

What is the difference between 45 Degree Beam Angle and 120 Degree Beam Angle Bulbs?

The greater the beam angle the larger the area over which the light will spread. Narrow beam angles (like the 45 degree) are often used for highlighting particular objects such as within display cases and where light distribution needs to be restricted.For most domestic application the 45 degree range is fine given a ceiling height of around 2.4m. If the ceiling is higher the 120 degree

GU10 45 degree bulb

beam angle lights would be recommended.

What is the difference between MR16 bulbs and the GU10 bulbs? 

If you look closely at the images of the bulbs you will see that the MR16 bulbs have a smaller (two spike type) of fitting than the GU10 Bulbs. The GU10 fitting is rounded.

If I want to buy more than 10 bulbs or more can I get a discount? 

MR16 120 Degree Bulb


Yes if you want to buy 10 bulbs or more we will provide you with a 10% discount on your order.

If you want to buy 20 bulbs or more we will provide you with a 12.5% discount.

For bulk buys call us on 01 8428187 or email and we will advice you how to avail of the discount.

See the bulb range (all available in warm or cool white)

MR16 Bulb 45 Degree

Energy Saving Standard Bayonet Bulbs

Energy Saving Candle Shaped Standard Bayonet Bulbs

Energy Saving Standard Screw In Bulbs

Energy Saving Small Screw Candle Shaped Bulbs

Energy Saving GU10 45 Degree Beam Angle Bulbs

Energy Saving GU10 120 Degree Beam Angle Bulbs

Energy Saving MR16 45 Degree Beam Angle Bulbs

Energy Saving MR16 120 Degree Beam Angle Bulbs

Standard Screw In Bulb
Small Screw-In-Bulbs

Please contact us on 01 8428187 or email if you got any questions or submit below in comment box.

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